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Here we will add our views on numrerous jewellery related topics, and try to keep you up to  date with goings on at David's Jewellers.

By davidsjewellers, Mar 19 2014 12:16PM

Here at David’s we believe jewellery and the internet are not a match made in heaven and even more so David’s and the Internet. We will try to explain why!

At David’s we specialise in diamond jewellery, much of which is either antique or vintage. We do sell new jewellery but we believe our charm is the wide variety of unusual one off pieces that you would probably not find anywhere else.

We have a large turnover of jewellery, the best pieces we stock usually don’t stay in the shop for long as they get snapped up by our customers who know they will probably only get one chance to own them. Therefore these pieces won't even make it onto our site.

On top of that, jewellery is a very personal item, which is why we believe trying things on is important to making the right choice. Items which look great off maybe don't suit on, and sometimes the photographs (however much we try) will not do the article justice.

Just a couple of reasons why we believe that buying jewellery should be a hands on experience!

But don't get us wrong we understand what the internet has to offer us and you, and here we will try our best to give you a feel of what David's is about. It will also be possible to buy selected items online should you not be able to make it into see us in person.

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